I consulted with and hired Mr Wrobel at the same time. I was impressed with his manner, friendliness, and knowledge of bankruptcy law. He laid out everything that would occur during the entire course of my chapter 13 case. Everything happened as he said it would. He and his assistant Linda, I know went out of their way to make it as painless as possible for me. I would highly recommend attorney Joseph Wrobel to anyone in need of the best person to handle their bankruptcy case.

December, 2019

I’ve been Working with Joseph for the past 2 to 3 years and my bankruptcy and he was always there to answer my questions and guide me along the way I would highly recommend him for filing for bankruptcy he always made me feel like years and my worries and concerns always were answered in a timely fashion.

April 28, 2019

I came across the reviews for Attorney Wrobel and everything they said was correct. I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about my problems with a really bad attorney I previously hired who filed my case immediately without checking all my information. I decided to email Mr. Wrobel my issues at 2:30am and he answered my concerns at almost 6 am. I didn’t have enough money to file with him but he still answered all my questions…

Jo T.
October 9, 2019

Excellent Lawyer | 5.0 stars
We have absolutely no complaints on Joseph Wrobel. He worked with us on getting the bankruptcy behind us as soon as possible & as painless as possible. He really was great!

September 6, 2019

A Good Partner to Have By Your Side. | 5.0 stars
During a time of personal financial hardship, Joe was very compassionate and diligently explained all my options going forward. After making a decision he and his team were very supportive and helped navigate my case through the system. It was nice to have someone manage the process which enabled me to focus on the plan for rebuilding. The fees were reasonable and fair.
A good partner to have by your side during difficult time.

We hired Joseph Wrobel during one of the worst times of our lives….Bankruptcy. He was very knowledgable and honest. He responded to emails immediately, answered every question we had, no matter how small and always made us feel at ease. From the very first meeting with him until the end of our bankruptcy case, we knew we could depend on him. We’re very thankful for his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for legal assistance.

Scott and Lisa (2013)

Oh My Gosh…This man brought me back from the debt of hell to where I can see light at the end of the tunnel. He kept in communication with me from the time I started with him in 2012 to now. It is because of him that I am beginning to financially be in a good place once again, starting over taking it one day at a time.

Joe came to me by referral of my previous manager. And I will sing his praises to anyone that will listen.

So bottom line, if you need a GREAT (not just good or ok) Bankruptcy attorney, there’s only one decision:


Jay (2013)

This is the most amazing Law Firm. The attorneys are very professional and informative. Very easy to communicate with and feel comfortable doing so. Filing my case was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was informed of everything I needed to bring before the meeting which made the process even quicker. The case was filed and there were no problems. I would definately recommend ths law firm.


After a high level of personal success and making all of the “right” choices (marriage, home purchase, investing), I found myself twice unemployed from corporate BK and mismanagement in 3 years, zeroed out investment accounts, liquidated 401k to pay an underwater mortgage, and divorced from a spouse that had stopped working and hid massive spending.

Humbled and without options, my first experience with Mr. Wrobel was warm and understanding. It took me 6 months to save the VERY reasonable fee, but I was finally able to secure a lower paying job and to move forward.

Mr. Wrobel prepared me for the possibility I might not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to my new salaried income, but after in-depth analysis I did qualify.  I am grateful he prepared me for the possibility of a different result. Throughout the process he was kind and responsive, answering many questions and providing useful insight.

I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wrobel.

R. Mitchell

Back in 1992, I was strapped with credit card debt, I was a single parent with rent, a car note and a host of other bills.  I was truly in over-my-head.  After several sleepless nights, and mounting depression — I decided it was time to make a call to get some help.  I went through the yellow pages and came across Mr. Wrobel’s firm.  I gave him a call, they set me up with an appointment right away and within days I had my life back.  It’s been 19 years that Mr. Wrobel helped me and to this day, I am and will always be appreciative of his help.

If you need help, give him and his firm a call, THEY WILL HELP YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK!


I thank you and your staff for your patience and assistance in this matter.  I will always refer you and your team to others in need.

Reginald B.

Thank you so much for your personal attention to our bankruptcy case. You kept us informed, and really gave us confidence that we had the right man for the job. Your presence and experience made the difference.  Pam and I had to keep cool during this ordeal and it wasn’t easy. We’ve been married for 15 years and have both sat at each other’s death bed, and somehow, we both made it.  It strengthened our marriage and it served us well during this experience. We feel such a debt to you. You are one of our family now.  Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts.

M & Pam
September 2011

P.S. Thank you very much for your service to our country

Thank you, Joseph!  I really appreciate all your help and for making the process so easy.

Doug H, Chicago
September 2011

Joe Wrobel is the best around. He knows more about bankruptcy law than all those fancy commercial lawyers. He works together with his clients and offers the best possible solution.

Anthony, Chicago
July 2014