To buy or rent in Chicago, a few things to consider

While some people are only interested in owning their home, others are quite satisfied renting for the foreseeable future. As real estate and financial markets change we often see news stories with industry leaders telling us it is a good time to be selling a home or whether it is a good time to buy. Not everyone is in the position to buy a home and many are content with renting forever. While financial experts tell you that building equity in a home is the best way to be prepared for the future and retirement, there are plenty of alternative ways to save for the future and continue renting.

What are some of the barriers to buying a home if the conditions are right?

The first thing most people think about when buying a home is saving up to make a 20% down payment, however a good credit score may be the most frequent concern, especially for people who have struggled with job loss or financial difficulties. The good news on credit is that when you follow a few steps and practice smart credit your score will improve, often quicker than you realize. Read our blog article about credit repair for more information.

When it comes to money down, you might qualify for one of the programs for buyers backed by the government. There are veteran’s loans, FHA loans and similar programs where there is no down payment required. You must meet income criteria, which many easily satisfy.

Why some homeowners are jealous of their friends who rent their homes.

Taxes on homes in the Chicago area are a significant concern for homeowners. Over time, taxes increase and homeowners must follow procedures to challenge their tax rate. Meanwhile, renters aren’t worried about tax rates, and if they have been renting their home for some time, they may be paying significantly less than the current market rental rates.

Homeowners may be jealous of their renting friends who do not have to spend their extra time and money repairing hail damaged roofs, windows, air conditioners and so forth, on a seemingly endless list. Renters are also the envy of homeowners who get new neighbors that frustrate their living situation. It is not so easy to pick up and move, especially if the housing market is not in favor of sellers.

Saving money for the future without having equity in a home can be easy.

While the traditional plan for many was to pay off their house before they retire so they only must pay tax and not a mortgage, many people today elect to rent. The overall cost of home ownership versus renting can be a close equation. If while the homeowner spends money on repairing a roof, the renter puts that same amount of money in an investment, they may be in a good position to start and continue saving for the future.

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